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I just spoke to my mum and basically told her I've decided to not work this summer and she was completely OK with it. I am in such shock! Every year since I was 16 she has been nagging me from January to June with lectures in how important it is to apply early, get a job and so on, but now taking the summer off is fine. I am happy, but very surprised. But I have gotten extra hours at the job I already have up until the summer holiday, because they had to fire the guy who used to work Thursdays and Fridays because he hardly showed up and used to lock people inside.

Tomorrow is Norway's constitution day, and I'm so excited. We really make a big deal out of it here, parades and flags and music everywhere. I'm wearing my national costume, which is the most beautiful and most expensive thing I own. It always turns out to be a wonderful day.

This is what O texted me Saturday night: <3 
A less-that-three-heart! That is so cute and so not like him and I feel like I'm in junior high again. Contemplating whether or not I should mention it to him tomorrow or not, because if he was drunk when he did it (very likely), it will give him angst of dimensional proportions. It did make me very happy, though.


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