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Metal Science and Heart Treatment

2 August 1988
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I live in Oslo, Norway, and I like literature, music, politics, sports and my life.

I'm really not that hard to please. It doesn't take much to make me satisfied. A book, for instance. A nice song randomly popping up on my mp3-player. If I get to school before 10 a.m a day. If I actually manage to work out before school, even if I get exhausted and unable to study. Walking. A great book on my reading list. Riding home in a new metro train. Beer. Coffee. Spending an hour every morning on breakfast and the newspaper. Food, oh yes, food makes me happy. If my hair looks good. Sports, sports makes me happy, not doing them, but watching them or reading about them. Liverpool. And I get really really happy if things are connected in som way, like a book mentioned in a song or a song or a movie with references to another song or movie and stuff like that if you get me-

And I'm very happy 99% of the time.

If I've added you, it's probably because you rock.