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My weekend

Work. Teriaky wok, the most advanced food I've made in a while. Wine with my Canada girls. Going out. Getting unusual amount of attention from men because we went to an actual club and not a cheap-beer-old-alcoholics-place like I mostly do with my other friends. Bus home. Drunkenly pack all my workout stuff.

Getting up at 8. Going to the gym despite hangover. Realize I've been working out with my sunglasses on without noticing. Meeting up with T for what was supposed to be a stretching date (she's a dancer and knows awesome stretching techniques), but only turned into a shower date. Flea market, buying books. Another flea market, buying nothing. Pizza. Going over to June, drinking cider. Meeting up with other friends. Go to a party with people we hardly know. Red wine. Sit in a corner and talk to Erik. T and I playing commentators to a hook-up about to happen in front of us. Go out with Erik and Paul. Have beer. Make out with Erik. Walk home with Erik. Make out with Erik again and walk home alone, strangely excited. Sit on my balcony alone, talking to myself.

Wake up. Get dressed and leave the house before I get the chance to notice if I'm hungover. Meeting up with June. Walk down to the harbour. Breakfast at McDonald's. Take the boat out to Bygdøy. Visit the Museum of Cultural History. Cuddle a cow and a horse and some sheep. See some old houses. Take the bus back to the city. Visit the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art. Recognize some Francis Bacon-pictures. See an art film about a naked man hitting himself and smearing ketchup on his genitals. Go visit T at work. T tells me I look good.. with Erik. Indian food in a cozy restaurant. Home. Sleep on the couch. Eat ice cream. Watch The Rock with Ash and June and reminisce about Alcatraz and San Francisco. Sleep.


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Apr. 13th, 2011 07:26 pm (UTC)
Great work keep it coming, best blog on earth

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