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Haha, I'm actually watching the sunset on Sunset boulevard, randomly.

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Holy shit bombing in the centre of Oslo and maybe even worse; shooting on a political youth camp on an island about an hour outside Oslo. So far 17 confirmed dead all together, but they're expecting the numbers to rise. I am OK and so is everyone I know, thankfully. This is so surreal, nothing even remotely close to this has ever happened in Norway before. And two unbelievable incidents within two hours? It's hard to grasp. What I'm glad about though, if it's possible to say something like that in all this, is that the man they caught, the man that shot the kids at the camp on Utøya Island and that also had been observed outside the government buildings in Oslo before they blew up, he was white. Tall, blond and ethnically Norwegian. Because if there's one thing we certainly don't need here, it's more racism and islamophobia.
We're all gonna remember this day as long as we live. It's just so difficult to understand.
I just spoke to my mum and basically told her I've decided to not work this summer and she was completely OK with it. I am in such shock! Every year since I was 16 she has been nagging me from January to June with lectures in how important it is to apply early, get a job and so on, but now taking the summer off is fine. I am happy, but very surprised. But I have gotten extra hours at the job I already have up until the summer holiday, because they had to fire the guy who used to work Thursdays and Fridays because he hardly showed up and used to lock people inside.

Tomorrow is Norway's constitution day, and I'm so excited. We really make a big deal out of it here, parades and flags and music everywhere. I'm wearing my national costume, which is the most beautiful and most expensive thing I own. It always turns out to be a wonderful day.

This is what O texted me Saturday night: <3 
A less-that-three-heart! That is so cute and so not like him and I feel like I'm in junior high again. Contemplating whether or not I should mention it to him tomorrow or not, because if he was drunk when he did it (very likely), it will give him angst of dimensional proportions. It did make me very happy, though.


I've been flat out in bed all day with some unidentified illness, but I still managed to down some painkillers and go to a party. I didn't drink because I hadn't eaten for 24 hours, but I kept a cup in my hand to keep people from asking question. Kinda bad that I had to do that, but in Norway you can't really go to a party or bar and not drink except if you're pregnant, on antibiotics or driving. I think very few noticed that I was sober. It was a really nice night anyway.

I just need to rant a bit about O. ...Collapse )
I have no idea whether the exam yesterday went well or not. Still celebrated with sushi. I keep thinking about sushi all the time, it's like being in love. Thank god I didn't discover how much I love it until a few months ago, or my economy would have been bad over the years. It's really expensive here. Anyway, it was delicious.

My next exam is an essay I'm handing in next Friday, but I just have such a hard time starting. I just need to finish this one and then another one that's due on the 27th and then there's summer holiday, but I know I'll sit here, every single day staring out into the air or wasting time on the internet until the deadline is almost there. I need some discipline.

Still don't have a job for the summer, realize I haven't really tried. I justify it with the fact that I work quite a lot the rest of the year. And that it's hard to get a job. And that it will probably be my last long summer off before I grow up and get a proper job and only a few weeks off. Money's gonna very tight, but as long as I can pay my rent, I'll survive on noodles or something.

In exactly three weeks I'll be drunk in the sun in Germany watching Bring me the Horizon.


Exams are coming up, hey hey! I've got feminist epistemology this upcoming thursday, so I'm spending my saturday in the library. My sister and her roommate are spending the weekend here to take the IELTS test as they've both been accepted into a British university to do their master's. I am really jealous, I want to study abroad again... Anyway, they've used my bed, so I took the oppurtunity to sleep outdoors on my balcony. I do that sometimes in the summer, but it was a little cold. 8*C, I heard.

The library is only open until 3, so at 4 I'm going to Ulevål to see the Vålerenga-Brann game with my sister and possibly her ex-boyfriend (that is so shy and weird he said in total four words to me over the two years they were together and I'm glad she broke up with him, but that they're still friends). I haven't been to a Tippeliga game is ages, so I'm quite excited.

I'm listening a lot to Bring me the Horizon as I'm seing them twice this summer and woah, I find myself missing metal a lot. Good thing there's a lot of it at the festival I'm goingh to in Germany in a month!
For some reason there's suddently summer in oslo and I've gotten a burn today which has made my skin so hot and radient that I've been wearing a short sleeve dress outside all night when everyone's been wearing jackets. i've decided to ultimately enjoy every single day of summer this year, so... Every day is awesome.

Apr. 18th, 2011

Tomorrow! Going up to my family's cabin to bury myself in Dennis Cooper, feminist epistemology, quizzes, candy, nice people, food and everything that's good in the world. For an entire wonderful week. No electricity. Life is good.

My weekend

Work. Teriaky wok, the most advanced food I've made in a while. Wine with my Canada girls. Going out. Getting unusual amount of attention from men because we went to an actual club and not a cheap-beer-old-alcoholics-place like I mostly do with my other friends. Bus home. Drunkenly pack all my workout stuff.

Getting up at 8. Going to the gym despite hangover. Realize I've been working out with my sunglasses on without noticing. Meeting up with T for what was supposed to be a stretching date (she's a dancer and knows awesome stretching techniques), but only turned into a shower date. Flea market, buying books. Another flea market, buying nothing. Pizza. Going over to June, drinking cider. Meeting up with other friends. Go to a party with people we hardly know. Red wine. Sit in a corner and talk to Erik. T and I playing commentators to a hook-up about to happen in front of us. Go out with Erik and Paul. Have beer. Make out with Erik. Walk home with Erik. Make out with Erik again and walk home alone, strangely excited. Sit on my balcony alone, talking to myself.

Wake up. Get dressed and leave the house before I get the chance to notice if I'm hungover. Meeting up with June. Walk down to the harbour. Breakfast at McDonald's. Take the boat out to Bygdøy. Visit the Museum of Cultural History. Cuddle a cow and a horse and some sheep. See some old houses. Take the bus back to the city. Visit the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art. Recognize some Francis Bacon-pictures. See an art film about a naked man hitting himself and smearing ketchup on his genitals. Go visit T at work. T tells me I look good.. with Erik. Indian food in a cozy restaurant. Home. Sleep on the couch. Eat ice cream. Watch The Rock with Ash and June and reminisce about Alcatraz and San Francisco. Sleep.

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